Saturday, 16 February 2013

Project of Floating Home

Floating Home
A project of searching self identity in Chinese Diaspora

This is a project that I am going to make a series of Documentaries about Chinese Immigration in the UK. As people from every continent on earth live closely together in London, maintaining specific traditions of culture and material history by people is clear evidence of communality in terms of common practices and behavioural patterns. Due to my background, I wonder about not only how Taiwanese maintain and modify their own culture in London/UK to present their everyday life but also others from China, Hong Kong...etc, those are called Chinese claim this big city as their second/another home. Therefore, I am very curious about what do those immigrants think.

I am going to discover and discuss about the ethnic, national, and self identity through documenting each character in the series; at mean time, it is aiming to compare and contrast internally between Hong Kongese, Chinese and Taiwanese or others within the race so-called 'Chinese' in the UK. Alongside with the process, it is going to find the identity of myself by contrasting and comparing others to my position in London during the entire process.

In order to discover each character's self identity, I am going to film them in their everyday life with minimum of intervention, alongside with their regular interviews. Moreover, it will be thought-provoking to focus on particular items from each character to discover their true thought of their identity; also it would be necessary to document their own archives such as old photos, paints, and notes/(diary).

With observational documenting style, I am also using another camcorder to record the whole process of the project. It does not only show the progress of characters getting used to camera but also document myself in the project to see how the relationships builds up between filmmaker and characters. At the same time, it is recording that I am discovering my self identity during this film making process.

So the length of filming process will be approximately one year; I've already started the project last month and hopefully, I could conclude and finish editing of the series in May 2014. It will be my biggest challenge for me; but  in order to step to next level, achieving this goal will be my current dream and I have to make it happen! Hence the journal of this project will be about the process and fingers cross, it could be very interesting to look back once I done it.

Mega wish

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