Friday, 2 August 2013

We Ain't Stupid

The documentary 'We Ain't Stupid' was premiered on 3rd July 2013 in East End Film Festival. The debut of Endz Film (Mitch Panayis) in a proper cinema demonstrated the true voice about the Olympic 2012 from the local in East London, the ordinary people have spoken themselves.

I am so hounor that my contribution in this long term project is eventually shown in a decent environment. As a filmmaker, it was privilege for me to watch our work in the dark room with the big screen. Though the final result is sweet, the process of this film actually expressed the hard work of our collaboration. This documentary had been taken 4 years by Mitch to observe the opinion of East End local during the period of Olympic and tells the story chronologically. In these 4 years, we were based on Queen's Market to visit the stall traders for a long time and at the same time the project itself was expanded to several characters to document the variety of life in the same area to investigate the influence of Olympic.

However, now the Olympic already passed but the truth and the actual impact for the local is still vague. On the other hand, the feelings from the local is crystal clear to demonstrate that the Olympic didn't help them economically and socially. This great event by the local's door step couldn't help them but even obstruct their normal life ironically.

As an outsider of East End, a foreigner of the UK, East London is very important to me; not only I spent a year to live there but also the environment I blended in is just so multi-cultural. And that is the speciality from Queen's Market. So at the premiere, I enjoyed the hard work we presented and at the same time, it was my memory lane for the area.

In the end, I just wanna say Mitch, you've done the great job and we do need to spread this work as wide as possible.

Just in case you guys haven't seen this doc, here is the trailer for it:

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